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  • January 2021
    Letter from Sartell-St. Stephen ISD 748 School Board
    The Sartell-St. Stephen School District 748 Board of Education has contracted with School Exec Connect, a superintendent search firm, to assist with the search for a new superintendent.  Board members want you to be informed of the process that we will be following as we conduct the search for a new superintendent.  Additionally, we hope that you will give your input to assist us in making the best selection possible.

    To begin the process, the School Exec Connect consultants, Dr. Kenneth (Ken) Dragseth and Mr. Robert (Bob) Ostlund will meet virtually with board members, school staff, parents, students, and community members individually and in focus groups in the next couple of weeks to determine the challenges, strengths, goals of our district and what characteristics or skills you would like to see in a superintendent.  Additionally, our staff and community members will have the opportunity to give confidential written feedback to the consultants via our website linked to a questionnaire in Survey Monkey.

    Using this information, we will develop a profile of the desired skills and characteristics in the next superintendent.

    The position will be advertised, and candidates will be recruited from January 8 through February 24.   On March 1, the Board and consultants will meet to review and select candidates to be initially interviewed.  The Board will interview five or six recommended candidates on March 2nd and 3rd. On March 3rd the Board will narrow the field to two or three finalists.  The next round of individual interviews will occur on March 8th, 9th and 10th (if needed).  Each finalist will be interviewed virtually or in-person in a process with staff, student and community involvement as well as a final formal Board interview.  The Board will ask staff, students and community to provide input into the selection by their participation in a question-and -answer session with each finalist and completion of a feedback form to be shared with the Board.   We plan to act on the new superintendent’s contract in March. 

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