Free Meals for K-8 Students

  • meals for K-8 students

    Feeding Area Children Together (FACT)
    Beginning in October, FACT, a nonprofit founded by four parents from the St. Cloud District, provides meals free of charge to K-8 students who are in need of food on weekends and over school breaks. Signing up means your child will receive a FACT Pack (one-gallon zipper bag) that contains child-friendly, non-perishable breakfast, lunch and snack each day school is not in session during the 2021-2022 school year. Each menu contains a variety of fruits, vegetables, and proteins (all items are peanut-safe; it does not contain chips, cookies, candy, or pork products). Bags are packed by volunteers and delivered to schools. This is NOT a government program; all food and supplies are paid for by donations from individuals, foundations, and businesses. All information is confidential. All bags are placed DISCREETLY into your child’s backpack on Fridays or the day prior to school break.

    To sign up, please visit or contact Stacy Boom, ISD 748 Social Worker and District Homeless Liaison at x4892 or via email


  • Students and families can find age-appropriate support and resources for family changes, chemical dependency, eating disorders, mental health, and social/emotional concerns, along with college and career readiness.

    Our District employs counselors, psychologists, school resource officers, social workers, and other professionals to provide appropriate services to meet the needs of individual students and families.

    We invite you to contact our Student Support Services staff using our Staff Directory.

    District counselors have compiled a variety of student support resources for use at home. Please visit our Virtual Resources page to explore topics that provide mental health support, calming strategies, and resources for play.

    To get to know our staff and the services the District provides, please view this presentation from the December 14, 2020 meeting of the Sartell-St. Stephen Substance-Free Coalition. 

    General timeline of the video: 

    • 0-4:35 - Overview: District staff, configuations, and details
    • 4:53 - Oak Ridge Early Learning Center
    • 8:50 - Pine Meadow Primary School
    • 12:35 - Riverview Intermediate School
    • 16:05 - Sartell Middle School 
    • 20:45 Sartell High School Overview
    • 30:00 In-School Therapist through CentraCare and Mental Health Therapist through Central Minnesota Mental Health Center
    • 33:10 - Other supports (food, clothing, mentorship, etc.)
    • 35:20 - Student Resource Officers
    • 39:30 - Questions & Answers

Distance Learning Support

Contact Us

  • Mental Health Support
    If your child is in need of mental health support, please contact:

    Carrie Gapinski

    Licensed School Social Worker

    Stacy Boom
    Pine Meadow
    Licensed School Social Worker
    District Homeless Liaison
    320-656-3701 x4892

    Luke Rude
    Licensed School Counselor
    320-656-3701 x 2104

    Connie Connor
    Licensed School Social Worker
    320-656-3701 x2105

    Student last name A-K
    Shannon Zinken
    Licensed School Counselor
    320-656-3701 x 3206

    Student last name L-Z
    Kate Turner
    Licensed School Counselor
    320-656-3701 x 3204

    Natalie Helgerson
    Licensed Graduate Social Worker

    Student last name A-G
    Justine Kirkham
    Licensed School Counselor

    Student last name H-N
    Dawn Brown
    Licensed School Counselor

    Student last name O-Z
    Noel Meyer 
    Licensed School Counselor

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