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March: Radio Shows

  • Students in Sartell High School Creative Writing work on a variety of different writing projects. One of those projects is The Radio Program, a group project where students create a story and commercials based on old-time radio programs. The background music is a program created by students. 

December: Hour of Code

  • Students at PME and ORE have been practicing their 4 Cs: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity while coding. Classrooms have been learning key vocabulary and concepts such as sequencing, cause and effect and problem-solving through unplugged lessons and completing online puzzles using blockly.  Students have also been able to explore how to apply their learning in Makerspace activities provided with grants from the Sartell-St. Stephen Education Foundation. To see their learning in action, click here.

November: Voice Dream Reader

  • At Sartell Middle School, we are focusing on connecting students with the right tools to share their knowledge and grow. One of the implementations we have started is the addition of Voice Dream Reader for all students grades 5-8. This tool allows students to follow along with text as it is read to them often clarifying the content needed for success. Students are shown how to use this application in SA/Homeroom and it is available to students to use as needed after the training is completed. Click here to learn more.

October: Creative Writing with Blogs

  • The Sartell High School students in creative writing are learning about writing blogs. Instead of just writing short essays we took the project online. Students created a webpage using Google Sites and made a subpage that contains their blogs. Students can blog about an interest and are able to add pictures and share with the world. Click here to view.

Program Overview

  • ISD 748 believes that purposeful technology integration plays a vital role in preparing our students for today and tomorrow.

    The District's Leading and Learning Strategic Plan revolves around enhanced teaching and learning, curriculum and student engagement toward greater levels of learning. 

    We thank all of those who have been involved throughout this process.  Careful consideration and input were put into this plan by all stakeholders to provide a high-quality plan to further enhance full-access and student learning. 


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  • Each month, we highlight ways students and staff are using technology in the classroom. Take a look at some of the creative ways we are exploring technology!


    April - Reading
    ORE students selected Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima and Restart by Gordon Korman in March Book Madness, a national reading event. Each week students voted on their favorite book from each matchup and submitted them to the national voting site. The event was created by Tony Keefer (@tonykeefer) and Scott Jones (@escott818), teachers in Central Ohio, who announced the bracket matchups at the end of February. Watch the fierce competition unfold.

    March - Critical Thinking
    SHS students work in groups to find clues hidden in the course content to unlock locks and help the students escape a Digital Breakout Room.

    February - Communicating
    Students at ORE help produce video announcements for their school. Watch this behind the scenes exclusive.

    January - Creating
    Sartell Middle School students show us how much fun an Hour of Code can be! View a video and read the Sartell Newsleader article (Sartell Middle School students study 'Hour of Code') to discover what they accomplished!  

    December - Coding
    PME students and staff are diving into the world of coding and computational thinking! Students learn coding concepts through unplugged, teacher taught, and plugged web-based practice.

    November - Producing
    Students learn how to produce stop motion videos using Legos, iMovie, creativity, and collaboration. Watch their creative process and view a final product.

    October - Engineering
    SMS Students use the scientific process to engineer a fast boat - watch their process and how their creations performed.

    September - Collaborating
    SMS families: the HUB is ready for your students! From 8-8:35a (except Thursdays), all students are welcome to learn and explore Green Screens, Sphero Coding, Giant Jenga, YOXO Building Blocks, Ozobots, Lego Challenges, 3D Printing, and Computer Coding. More to be unveiled each week! A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Reinert for the support she gives to students in the HUB and Sartell-St. Stephen Education Foundation for funding items for student learning! Watch a video of students creating and collaborating.

Last Modified on April 1, 2019